• Young Members Group & Mentoring programme

    Young Members Group & Mentoring programme

  • Young Members Group & Mentoring programme

    Young Members Group & Mentoring programme


The fib Presidium has approved the creation of an fib Young Members Group. All members of the Presidium have high expectations for the development of this group.

The fib thinks that it is crucial that young professionals are given the opportunity to fully participate in the activities of the organisation. They are welcome to participate in commissions and task groups and to become part of the decision bodies. However, young members do not normally participate in the development of documents and in the decisions of the fib.

The Young Members Group aims to build a framework that will allow young engineers to participate in the activities of the association and to bring their ideas to the working groups and the decision bodies.

Scope and objective

The main objectives of the fib Young Members Group include:

  • Improving the profession’s self-concept in the XXI century
  • Encouraging mentoring within the fib
  • Studying the work of other engineers to improve one's own work
  • Networking
  • Establishing connections with the Universities to encourage junior engineers to help engineering students
  • Organising workshops and meetings tailored to students' and junior engineers' needs
  • Promoting the idea that junior engineers can participate in meetings and conferences and be a source of knowledge for the students

The fib Young Members Group aims to establish connections with similar groups and associations in other countries. 


Jemma EhsmanCommission Chair
Jemma Ehsman
Motohiro Ohno
Deputy Chair


YMG Board Members
Andreas Sjaastad (Norway) - Past chair Andri Setiawan (Indonesia) - Secretary
Marta Del Zoppo (Italy) Felipe García (Spain)
Natividad Garcia (Ecuador) Rodolfo Jr Mendoza (Philippines)
Ahmad Khartabil (UAE) Andrey Lapshinov (Russia)
Gaël Le Bloa (France) Ze'ev Navon (Israel)
Benedict Olalusi (South Africa) Chong Yong Ong (Malaysia)
João Pacheco (Portugal) Samanta Robuschi (Sweden)
Ahmed Seyam (Palestine) Vladyslav Shekhovtsov (Ukraine)
Sandor Solyom (Hungary) Nadine Pressmair (formerly Stoiber) (Austria)
Nikola Tošić (Serbia) Patrick Valeri (Switzerland)
Graham Webb (United Kingdom)  

There are two working groups within the YMG that focuse on Webinars and Podcasts:

YMG Webinars working group:
  • Marta Del Zoppo - Convener
  • Ahmad Khartabil 
  • Andrey Lapshinov 
  • Ze'ev Navon  
  • João Pacheco  
  • Andri Setiawan
  • Vladyslav Shekhovtsov

YMG Podcasts working group:

  • Patrick Valeri - Convener
  • Nadine Pressmair
  • Nikola Tošić
  • Graham Webb

  • Mentoring programme

    The fib mentoring programme brings together experienced professionals keen to share their knowledge and network, and young professionals starting their professional career and who are in need of advice from knowledgeable engineers.

    • Who is it for?

    To take part as a mentee, individuals should be fib members and members of the fib Young Members Group. They should either be finishing their studies or starting out their career as an engineer.

    To take part as a mentor, individuals should be fib members, above 40 years old, have 5 years of professional experience in structural concrete and have been a member of the fib for 5 years or more. fib Fellows are particularly encouraged to become mentors.

    • How does it work?

    Mentoring is a cooperative partnership in which seasoned professionals share their experience and knowledge with less experienced young professionals. Both parties stand to gain from this partnership.

    The duration of mentoring is one year but may be renewed if both parties agree. The mentoring agreement is a starting point for mentees and mentors to establish their mutual goals and plan their meetings.

    • How to apply?

    If you wish to apply as a mentee, please contact the fib Secretariat.



First name Last name Country Affiliation
David Fernández-Ordóñez Switzerland fib
Héctor Bernardo Spain Pontem Engineering Services
Helga Synnove Kjos-Hanssen Norway Veidekke Entreprenør AS
Abraham Sanchez-Corriols Germany CDM Smith Consult GmbH
Nikola Tošić Spain Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Patrick Valeri Lorenzo Switzerland Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG
Motohiro Ohno Japan The University of Tokyo
Albert De la Fuente Spain Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Andreas Sjaastad Norway Veidekke Entreprenør AS
Dmitry Kuzevanov Russian Federation NIIZHB
Augustin Rossetti Argentina -
Oleg Fesenko Ukraine Ukrainian State Research Institute of Building Constructions
Muzofa Teno South Africa -
Viktor Malakhov Ukraine -
Qianhui Yu China -
Vladyslav Shekhovtsov Ukraine Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Kapilesh Bhate India -
Andri Setiawan United Kingdom Imperial College London
Tim Embley United Kingdom Costain Group Plc.
Max Tirassa Switzerland École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Raffaele Cantone Switzerland École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Ong Chong Yong Malaysia EXPERIVA SOLUTIONS
Fabrice Meylan Switzerland -
Graham Webb United Kingdom WSP
Niklas Karlsson Sweden -
Andri Saputra Gunawan Indonesia PT Gistama Intisemesta
Isabell Eriksson Sweden -
David Čitek Czech Republic CTU Klokner Institute
Eduardo Galeote Spain Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Marek Vinkler Czech Republic -
Ondrej Keseli Slovakia -
Lise Kjær Andersen Denmark -
Gael Le Bloa France HILTI France
Anass El Farissi France University of La Rochelle
Florian Oberhaidinger Germany -
Marco Teichgraeber Poland -
Redouan El Ghadioui Germany -
Sándor Sólyom Hungary Budapest Univ. of Techn. & Economics
Mladena Luković Netherlands -
Mohammed Abed Hungary Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Elena Ciampa Italy University of Sannio
Giuseppe Ferrara Italy University of Salerno
Svetlana Ristić Serbia DNEC Begrade
Miloš Vulinović Serbia DNEC
Bogdan Šakić Serbia PERI Serbia
Damjan Stančić Serbia Energoprojekt Entel a.d.
Ivan Terekhov Russian Federation JSC «TSNIIpromzdany»
Andrey Lapshinov Russian Federation "Moscow State University of Civil Engineering mgsu.ru"
Alexandre Mathern Sweden -
Jemma Ehsman Australia GHD
Marta Del Zoppo Italy University of Naples Federico II
Francesca Vecchi Italy University of Parma
Isabella Giorgia Colombo Italy Politecnico di Milano
Maria Teresa De Risi Italy University of Naples Federico II
Lorenzo Radice Italy DSC ERBA Engineering
Marco Rampini Italy Politecnico di Milano
Giulio Zani Italy Politecnico di Milano
Simona Bianchi Italy Università degli Studi La Sapienza di Roma
Jonathan Ciurlanti Italy Università degli Studi La Sapienza di Roma
Simone Ravasini Italy University of Parma
Vittoria Ciotta Italy University of Naples Federico II
Diego Gino Italy Politecnico di Torino
Dmitry Laptev Russian Federation ARCHIMATIKA
Costantino Menna Italy University of Naples Federico II
Stijn Joosten Netherlands -
Marija Nedeljković Netherlands TU Delft
Paolo Castaldo Italy Politecnico di Torino
Fuyuan Gong China Zhejiang University
Olena Petrova Ukraine O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
Vladimir Smotrov Russian Federation StructuralConcreteAssociation of Russia
Alessio Cascardi Italy University of Salento
Michele W.T. Mak United Kingdom University of Cambridge
Đorđe Čairović Czech Republic -
Vojtech Kolinsky Czech Republic -
Peter Paulik Slovakia STU
Fangjie Chen Australia -
Laura Hernandez Germany -
Debadri Som Canada Graduate Student/Research Assistant
Md. Rifat Bin Ahmed Majumdar Bangladesh RILEM Associates
João Nuno Pacheco Portugal CERIS/c5Lab Sustainable Construction Materials Association
Lakhan Tomar India -
Felipe García Spain Artepref
Lampros Koutas Greece University of Thessaly
saied kashkash Hungary -
John Kolawole United Kingdom Loughborough University
Asaad Biqai Lebanon Beirut Arab University
Senthil Kumar Kaliyavaradhan India CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre
Jakub Kraľovanec Slovakia University of Žilina
Denise Bolognani Italy University of Trento
Francesco Pugliese United Kingdom University of Liverpool, liverpool, UK
Munir Basmaji United Arab Emirates -
Ahmad Khartabil United Arab Emirates Transgulf Readymix Concrete Co.
Alireza Tabrizikahou Poland PhD candidate at Poznan University of Technology
Leonardo Todisco Spain E.T.S.I. Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Rui Valente Portugal Universidade do Porto
Zeev Navon Israel -
Samanta Robuschi Sweden Chalmers University
Ahmed Seyam Hungary -
Rodolfo Jr Mendoza Philippines De La Salle University
Filip Niketic Switzerland École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Andrija Radović Serbia Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Priština in Kosovska Mitrovica
Jessica Forsdyke United Kingdom -
Mezgeen Rasol France Gustave Eiffel University
Özgür Yurdakul Czech Republic Univerzita Pardubice
Brandon Byers Switzerland ETH Zurich
Samuel Halim Indonesia -
Arthur Preuss Brazil -
Bessong Tambe MIET Cameroon The Chartered Institute Of Building CIOB
Natividad Garcia Troncoso Ecuador Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral
Mahshid Abdoli Iran, Islamic Republic of -
Giovanni Volpatti Switzerland -
Zengfeng Zhao China Tongji University
Nandhu Prasad India -
Irene Josa Spain -
Milena Janković Montenegro -
Jdidi DAOUD Tunisia -
Ingrid Irreno Brazil -
Pavel Ostrovsky Finland Ramboll Finland
Junjie Wang China -
Dinda Istiqomah Indonesia -
Ana Brunčič Slovenia Slovenian Association of Structural Engineers
Abhishek Chaudhari India Research Scholar
Nadine Pressmair (formerly Nadine Stoiber) Austria University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Mouna BOUMAAZA France Vinci Construction
Elisabete Teixeira Portugal University of Minho
Andrea Montserrat Lopez Spain -
Petar Bajic Spain -
Luis Beckrich Añez Bolivia, Plurinational State of -
Jushan Babar Bangladesh Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), Chittagong, Bangladesh
Fatih Bayrak Turkey Ph.D. Candidate
Orhun Kalyoncu Turkey Researcher
André Abreu Brazil -
Manoj N India VNIT

fib postal address

Ch. du Barrage, Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne


p : +41 21 693 27 47
f : +41 21 693 62 45
e : info@fib-international.org
w : www.fib-international.org

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