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3rd YMG meeting in Krakow

The 3rd YMG meeting was a success!

The Young Members Group (YMG) of the fib is a group for young people under 35 years old. The group is widely spread across the globe, and it comprises students, engineers, contractors, material producers, PhD-students, professors, and designers. Different people with different occupations get to know each other through this network. YMG was established in 2017 and has expanded ever since. Many young people see the benefit of being part of this network. Some of the work we do is to encourage young people to join commissions or task groups in the fib, actively participate in symposiums/conferences, and be part of organizing or scientific committees for such events. We also help national YMG grow and have an impact on the industry, as well as help form/establish new national YMG in countries that do not have such groups.

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The weekend before the fib Symposium 2019 in Krakow, Poland, the YMG arranged the 3rd international YMG Workshop. 25 delegates from 11 different countries participated in thought-provoking debates, fruitful conversations and discussions about the YMG future work and projects. Connections were made, new groups established, and our next actions were decided.


I would encourage everyone to spread the information about YMG and help young people get involved in YMG. This network is helpful for young people, the company/institution/university they work for/attend, and their national concrete association.
For more information and to take part in the next meeting, please visit the YMG Facebook page.



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