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fib YMG Italy 1st Symposium in Parma

The 1st edition of the fib Italy YMG Symposium on Concrete and Concrete Structures was held on 15 October 2019 in Parma (Italy), with the kind support of the University of Parma as the host organization. 

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This was the first of a series of events organized by the national association fib Italy Young Members Group (YMG) aiming at disseminating knowledge among young engineers nationally and abroad. The Symposium was conceived as an opportunity to give visibility to the research work carried out by young engineers, creating an open forum on the most recent advances in the field of concrete constructions. The wide theme of the Symposium, “Concrete and Concrete Structures”, was dedicated to young researchers and practitioners inspired by the challenging world of reinforced concrete structures.

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The first edition of the Symposium brought together more than 50 young researchers from Italy and foreign countries (United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa). The collected papers were presented in two parallel sessions running over the day, covering a variety of themes arising with the structural assessment and strengthening of structures, non-linear finite element analysis, structural assessment of bridges, and the use of cementitious composites for repairing and strengthening of existing structures. At the end of the Symposium, the three best presentations were awarded the “fib Italy YMG Award for best research advances in concrete and concrete structures”. The Awards were given to Michele Mak (PhD candidate, University of Cambridge), Alice Sirico (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Parma) and Paolino Cassese (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Italian National Research Council).

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The event collected innovative and fresh contributions to the existing knowledge in the field of structural engineering for concrete structures. The conference papers were peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee, comprising of a selected group of fib members with large expertise in the field of concrete. The contribution of the Scientific Committee and the support of our generous Sponsors (Bonatti, Federbeton, Italcementi, Mapei) are greatly appreciated and acknowledged.
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The Proceedings are available online:

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Marta Del Zoppo, Chair of the fib Italy YMG, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy
Francesca Vecchi, Vice-chair of the fib Italy YMG, University of Parma, Parma, Italy
Isabella Giorgia Colombo, Secretary of the fib Italy YMG, Politecnico of Milan, Milan, Italy

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