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fib Presidium 2021-2022

The last Presidium meeting of Tor Ole Olsen’s term in office was held online on 12-13 October 2020, following the Technical Council and the General Assembly. 

201209 Presidium

The attendees included fib President 2019-2020 Tor Ole Olsen, fib Deputy-President 2019-2020 Akio Kasuga, Steve Foster, Hugo Corres Peiretti, Iria Doníak, Aurelio Muttoni, Larbi Sennour, Marco Di Prisco, Agnieszka Bigaj-van Vliet, Frank Dehn, Hans Rudolph Ganz, György Balázs, Luc Taerwe, Andreas Sjaastad, and David Fernández-Ordóñez.

Amongst other subjects, the fib Presidium discussed the fib’s sustainability strategy, the fib Model Code 2020, the current status of fib working groups, future fib publications, future fib events, and the fib awards.

Starting 1 January 2021, the Presidium will include the following members: Akio Kasuga (fib President 2021-2), Steve Foster (fib Deputy-President 2021-2), Tor Ole Olsen (Immediate Past President), Iria Doníak (elected member), Josée Bastien (elected member), Aurelio Muttoni (elected member), Larbi Sennour (elected member), Frank Dehn (TC), Alberto Meda (TC), Marco Di Prisco (coopted member), and Agnieszka Bigaj-van Vliet (coopted member). The guests will include Hans Rudolph Ganz, György Balázs, Luc Taerwe, and Motohiro Ohno, as fib Young Members Group Chair for the period 2021-22. Akio Kasuga and Steve Foster were elected during the General Assembly meeting.

The fib would like to take this opportunity to thank its Presidium members for their invaluable contribution to the work of the fib and more particularly Tor Ole Olsen for his dedication as fib President 2019-2020.

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