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  • Structural Concrete, Vol. 3, no. 2, June 2002

13th PhD Symposium in Paris Awards

Congratulations to the students who were awarded for the quality of their presentation during the 13th fib PhD Symposium in Paris last week!

Tim Scheiden on “Influence of silica fume on the deterioration under compressive fatigue loading in high-strength concrete” (Fatigue of concrete structures)

PhD award 17.24.43

Addisu Desalegne Bonger on “Numerical Simulation of Asphalt Pavement Countermeasure at High Temperature Against Protrusion of Vertical PC Bars Using Applied Element Method” (Durability and life assessment)

PhD award 17.21.13

Gabriela I. Zarate Garnica on “Stop Criteria for Proof Load Testing of Reinforced Concrete Structures” (Monitoring and structural assessment)

Ryota Kurihara on “Analytical evaluation on the influences of deterioration of bond between rebar and concrete on structural performances of RC structures” (Structural analysis and design)

PhD award 17.22.26

Erik Johannes Stehle on “Fastening of a gusset plate to concrete by means of post-installed anchors - Numerical investigation” (Structural analysis and design)

PhD award 17.23.10

Bianca Kern on “Long-term strain development of concrete subjected to creep and cyclic loading” (Fatigue of concrete structures)

PhD award 17.24.06

Marc Koschemann on “Bond stress distribution of ripped steel bars in reinforced concrete with short bond length under various loading conditions” (Sustainability and life cycle assessment)

PhD award 17.26.05

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