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New Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus (JCGC) for Sustainable Development of the Built Environment

The Liaison Committee of six of the largest international associations active in the civil engineering sector and representing experts from more than 150 nation-states has launched the Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus (JCGC). The purpose is to lead the global green transition of civil and structural engineering and building materials sciences, the backbone of the built environment and most of the societal infrastructure systems.

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The Liaison Committee published the GLOBE Consensus in 2020. This is a statement from world-leading experts in structural engineering and material sciences, highlighting the urgent need to improve sustainability in the built environment and pointing at key facilitators and instruments for achieving this.

Whilst positive signs were observed at the recent COP26 Conference in Glasgow, societal decision-makers have not fully recognised the role of the built environment – and civil engineering in particular – as a major challenge and obstacle for global sustainable development.

Now the Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus (JCGC) will prepare and disseminate policy advice and existing knowledge on how to build, manage and renew structures sustainably, and where relevant, develop new fundamental knowledge.

The JCGC has an explicit focus on the global challenges of sustainability in the built environment, the different contexts associated with different geographies, cultures and needs for further developments, and how these differences must be accounted for locally when identifying how to enhance sustainability globally. The Committee’s view is that a substantial part of the built environment sustainability challenge may be overcome using the best already-available knowledge adapted to the local contexts.


For more information, please see this article.

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