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fib Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures 2022

We are delighted to announce the fib Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures 2022 awardees!

This award is presented to give international recognition for concrete structures which demonstrate the versatility of concrete as a structural medium. It is given every four years at an fib congress. The award consists of a bronze plaque that will appear on the structure itself and certificates conferred on the principal contributors to the work. Nominations are made by fib National Delegations and the selection by a jury designated by the presidium.


Rever Holdings Ryogoku, Japan (Buildings – Winner)
AOS2022 Rever Holdings Ryogoku image01


The Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Finland (Buildings – Winner)

AOS2022 Olympiastadion BET2101 8 23


Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge, Ireland (Civil Engineering – Winner)

AOS2022 1. RFK Barrow Completed. MSanchez Dec2019

Photo by M. Sanchez


FHNW-CAMPUS, Switzerland (Buildings –Special Mention)

AOS2022 FHNW Muttenz 01 Kubuk the new campus at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FH) @ Martin Stollenwerk

Photo by Martin Stollenwerk


Chau Chak Wing Museum, Australia (Buildings –Special Mention)

AOS2022 ChauChakWingMuseum 02


BT Headquarter, Romania (Buildings –Special Mention)

AOS2022 1 HQBT Cluj Romania Aerial view


New Coastal Road Viaduct, Reunion Island France (Civil Engineering – Special Mention)

AOS2022 03 fib AOS NRL picture 02

Photo by © Sébastien Marchal


Bridge over the Rowing Course, Slovakia (Civil Engineering – Special Mention)

AOS2022 ph02


Carbolight, Germany (Civil Engineering – Exceptional Recognition)

AOS2022 2022 fib awards CarboLight Bridge photo 2


Bessodani Bridge, Japan (Civil Engineering – Exceptional Recognition)

AOS2022 1 General View

The commemorative brochure is available for purchase on the fib website.

The next AOS edition will take place in 2025-2026.

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