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Design of post-tensioned slabs and foundations (PDF)

1998. Design of post-tensioned slabs and foundations. (PDF)
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FIP Report May 1998

Title: Design of post-tensioned slabs and foundations

Year: 1998

Pages: 44

Format DIN A4 (210x294 mm), 43 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-874266-41-9

Abstract: In 1980 FIP had published ‘Recommendations for the design of flat slabs in post-tensioned concrete’ (out of print already for many years). Prepared by a Working Group of FIP Commission 3 ‘Practical Design’, these new recommendations now represent an update of the previously published. Considering new codes and especially the CEB-FIP Model Code 1990, they address post-tensioned flat slabs and foundation rafts using either bonded or unbonded cables.

The document gives information on this subject as a whole but particular attention is given to the structural analysis and prestressing effects, to the ultimate limit state of punching shear and to the serviceability limit state of verification for deflection and crack control. Detailing and construction recommendations are also presented. Two examples, one of a flat slab and one of a foundation raft, illustrate the design of these structures and the application of the present recommendations.

Approved by the former FIP Commission 3 ‘Practical Design’ and the FIP Council, it is hoped that these recommendations will facilitate the correct design of post-tensioned slabs and foundations.

Price: 80 CHF

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