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As per its motto, the fib is committed to bridging the gap between research and practice. One cannot truly excel without the other: practice without research is uninformed, while research without practice is ungrounded.

The fib is now launching the “Design & Construction” series. With this project, the fib aims to highlight the current practice in structural concrete. This publication includes both short project notes and practical papers. 

Short project notes are intended to provide a description of a relevant project that has been built or is in the process of execution, emphasising the original or novel aspects in design or execution. They are deliberately kept short and to the point and usually include few, if any, references. This format is intended to support practicing engineers, who might not write full papers for journals, in sharing their latest projects and structures with a wide audience.

The articles are regular research papers. They have been selected for this new series specifically because they discuss the design and construction of concrete structures.

All these papers were previously published in the fib journal Structural Concrete. We would like to thank Structural Concrete and Wiley, its publisher, for allowing the use of these papers in the fib Design & Construction series.

Design & Construction

fib Design & Construction Concrete Structures 2024 (PDF)

No. 001. fib Design & Construction Concrete Structures 2024 PDF - September 2024


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