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Design of thin-walled units (PDF)

1998. Design of thin-walled units.(PDF)
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FIP Report May 1998

Title: Design of thin-walled units

Year: 1998

Pages: 50

Format DIN A4 (210x294 mm), 40 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-874266-39-6

Abstract: In 1984 FIP had published a state-of-art-report ‘Prefabricated thin-walled concrete units’ (ISBN 0-7277-0213-0, Thomas Telford, still available). It became apparent in the following that design recommendations for thin-walled units, and especially for those made of GRC or other fibre-reinforced cement were lacking. Therefore, the FIP Commission on Prefabrication formed a working-party now delivering this report which differs significantly from existing codes and recommendations in two respects:

1. the designer will find information about the relevant material properties of various types of discontinuous fibre-reinforced materials available on the market

2. besides the strength and stiffness, strain of materials is also addressed as an important design criterion.

Whereas omissions in design with regard to restrained movements may be tolerated by metal or properly reinforced concrete elements, this may become crucial for thin-walled units manufactured with discontinuous fibre-reinforced material such as GRC, which may even become brittle with time.

Discussed in length and approved by the FIP Commission on Prefabrication and the FIP Council, it is hoped that these recommendations will contribute to the correct and successful application of thin-walled units as architectural facade cladding elements, especially those made of fibre-reinforced cement.

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